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The sports betting market is projected to have considerable growth for the next five years. Several countries have moved towards the legalization of sports betting, opening the doors for online bookies and making betting on sports accessible to anyone with a smartphone. 

sportsbook sports betting affiliate network

Customer-friendly platforms and exciting new betting products, such as in-play bets or bet exchange, have skyrocketed sports betting popularity. 

Betting on sports will increase as even more markets open to private gambling companies. With the rapid expansion of punter friendly platforms and new markets, sportsbook affiliates have a vast playing field and a bright future ahead.

Sportsbook affiliates are game changers for punters

Punters can place their bets on several international platforms or local lotteries with a sportsbook section. However, the decision where to bet and how is not always straightforward. 

Sportsbook affiliates help guide recreational and professional sports bettors to the most exciting bookies, platforms, bonus offers and help them understand the odds. When placing bets, it is important to understand that there are various deposit options, some smoother than the other and some more beneficial than others. 

Whether affiliates advise their friends or a much larger community of sports enthusiasts, trustworthy and reliable advice is the best affiliate strategy. In terms of sports, playing it fair on all levels is the true spirit of an affiliate Olympian. 

Sportsbook affiliates, we got you!  

sportsbook affiliate agent Paynura

Paynura has been developing a perfect affiliate environment for the last three years. Based on close cooperation with the sportsbook affiliates, we set the new standard in affiliate networks in terms of:

  • affiliate set-up, affiliate support,
  • affiliate management system,
  • exclusive offers,  
  • affiliate commission payments. 

Which sportsbook brands are available to sportsbook affiliates to promote? 

At Paynura, we have our own set of criteria for affiliate offers because we want to offer deals that affiliates cannot get elsewhere. Because quality should always come before quantity, we carefully select brands that will give our affiliates a competitive advantage, higher revenue, and overall better business results. 

With Paynura, you can promote Betfair, Betfair exchange, GUTS sportsbook, Skrill, NETELLER, and we keep on adding new brands every month.

affiliate offers for sportsbook Betfair GUTS

Exclusive benefits for joining Paynura

Paynura is a dynamic affiliate network tailored for igaming verticals. Sportsbook affiliates can choose to promote sportsbook brands but also promote other lucrative products, such as ewallets. 

Supported throughout the affiliate journey

Each affiliate has a designated affiliate manager to support the whole journey from the start till the end. 

Regular updates and heads-up for Paynura members

We update our affiliate deals regularly. Our sportsbook affiliates are always notified first, so they can seize the offer as soon as it is ready for promotion. To be up to date, open an affiliate account at Paynura. It is always free of charge. 

Exclusive Skrill and Neteller deals for sportsbook affiliates

Paynura offers exclusive deals on Skrill and Neteller, with great benefits such as fast track VIP on Skrill and Neteller, revenue share for affiliates, sub-affiliate option, daily progress updates and reliable commission payments.

Start your affiliate journey today!

If you are already promoting sportsbook or just embarking on your affiliate journey as an sportsbook agent, sports bloger, or youtuber you can start with opening an affiliate accountat Paynura.

Our affiliates have access to all affiliate offers, including Skrill and NETELLER.

Affiliate Support

Do you have any questions about our affiliate network?

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