Neteller frequently asked questions

Can any Neteller user become a Paynura affiliate?

Of course, anyone with a Neteller account that wants to build a network of Neteller users can set up an affiliate account at Paynura.


What the are advatages of Paynura compared to a regular Neteller Affiliate Program?

The Neteller Affiliate Program offers a great starting for your business. However, with Paynura you can get: 

  • Faster VIP upgrade
  • Increased outgoing limits
  • Fast track verification 
  • Free Mastercard
  • Reliable commission payments with multiple currency options
  • Subaffiliate program 
  • Excellent Affiliate Management System 

How do I set-up Paynura Neteller Affiliate Program?

It is quite simple. Once you are on the homepage, you click on the SIGN-UP button in the upper right corner of the page. 

This will take you to Let's create your account page. All you need to do is to sign up with a USERNAME, EMAIL contact, and select a PASSWORD for your Paynura Neteller Affiliate Account.

Our support team will send you an email with a link to your account. This might take a few minutes, but not more than 12 hours. After that, you are ready to use your Paynura supported Neteller Affiliate Program.

Does Paynura support a sub-affiliate program for Neteller?

Unlike a regular Neteller Affiliate Programs, Paynura offers a 3 Tier Affiliate Option. Through a smart software solution, you can include Neteller sub-affiliates into your account, so that you can increase your revenue through their network.

How do I upgrade a Neteller account to VIP status?

Paynura offers a VIP upgrade option for our affiliate's Neteller clients. Once you are logged in to your Paynura account, go to the VIP section in the Menu. On the VIP page, we will ask you to add the Neteller account ID number and click on the SEND VIP REQUEST button.

The VIP upgrade process for Neteller takes from 8 up to 72 hours before the upgrade is active for your client's Neteller account.

Where can I get a Neteller promotional banner?

Paynura offers a variety of Neteller promotional materials. Once you are logged into your account, go to the Marketing section in the Menu and go to subpage Creatives. There you can choose from a variety of Neteller visual materials in different languages and dimensions.

To get the embedded code and tracking link, just select a Neteller promotional banner, which will fit your website and advertising needs.

How to deposit at a merchant with Neteller?

Neteller is a user-friendly ewallet, so you should not have any problems with transactions. 

1.    Make sure that you have a balance on your Neteller account.

2.    Go to the merchant's website to which you want to transfer funds.

3.    Go the deposit section (can also be referred to as Buy-in, Real Money, Buy chips, Cashier, or similar).

4.    Among different deposit options, choose Neteller. You will be directed to sign in with your Neteller account.

5.    Choose the amount that you would like to deposit and click pay now.

Neteller transfers to a merchant are instant. You will get a 'Deposit successful' notification on your screen instantly and an email about a successful transfer.

There are no fees for the transfer to a merchant. However, a 3.99% foreign exchange (FX) fee will be charged in the case of currency conversion.

If the merchant does not have a Neteller deposit option on his website, you can follow this procedure: 1.    Ask your merchant for a Merchant Transfer Code.

2.    Go to your Neteller account

3.    Select Money Out link and option to send money to a merchant.

4.    Enter your merchant's transfer code.

How does the Neteller revenue share system work?

Paynura Neteller Affiliate Program offers you a revenue share. Revenue share is your share of the fee that Neteller charges a merchant, where you or your clients make a deposit.

For example, a 20% net revenue is calculated from the fee that Neteller charges a merchant for a deposit from a Neteller account. Big merchants generally have more attractive deals with lower fees, while Neteller is charging middle-range merchants or websites between 2.5% and up to 5% of the deposited amount.

If a client deposits 2,000 USD to a website that has a 5% deal with Neteller, in this case, Neteller gets 100 USD in net revenue. Neteller then shares 20% of 100 USD, so you receive 20 USD.

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