Paynura offers an affiliate program for ewallets

Ewallets, digital wallets, online wallets, payment apps, whatever you name it, these financial services are lucrative opportunities for affiliates in gaming. In general, regular players are more likely to use an ewallet than a standard bank transfer. And where players are keen to go, affiliates can plaster the way with in-depth information, customer service, and valuable advice.

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Skrill NETELLER are the preferred deposit choice to gaming sites

Players of poker, casino, sportsbook, and forex prefer ewallets to any other payment method for many reasons. Here are the top three, according to our members.

Manage funds independently of a bank account

Digital wallets enable players to store funds independently from their bank account. From an ewallet, players can move funds to their gaming accounts on poker, online casino, sportsbook site, or trading platform. With Skrill NETELLER, players can withdraw their winnings to the same ewallet used for the gaming merchant's deposit.

The swiftest deposit method

If you want to transfer money from a bank account to a gaming merchant, the transaction process might take up to 2 working days. For many players, this is too time-consuming. With most ewallets, deposits to gaming sites are instant, making the whole gaming experience smoother.

The most vertisale and cost-effective payment method

Skrill NETELLER are multifunctional so that clients can use them for several types of transactions and even crypto purchases. Personal money transfers or P2P transfers are popular for sending cash to friends and family or fellow players. The costs of personal money transfers vary between ewallets substantially but overall, the ewallet fees are still lower than overseas bank transfers. Besides funding personal gaming accounts and sending money to friends, some ewallets include crypto service currency exchange.

Skrill is the ultimate ewallet for poker and forex

In the last year, Skrill has invested a lot of valuable content in poker and forex, aiming to attract online poker players and stimulate fx traders. On the one hand, Skrill's content section is becoming a library for beginners in poker and forex. On the other, Skrill has signed agreements with leading poker and forex platforms. With both ends covered, Skrill has enormous growth potential for becoming the leading ewallet worldwide.

Skrill offers a variety of services:

  • P2P transfers,
  • deposits to gaming merchants,
  • withdrawals from gaming accounts to Skrill, multicurrency accounts,
  • cryptocurrencies,  
  • Skrill Mastercard for local and online payments.

Skrill clients can make withdrawals at ATMs worldwide.

Neteller serves more than 10 million clients worldwide

Neteller is also one of the leading brands in the world of ewallets. It is an integrated payment method for thousands of online merchants, especially in sports betting, poker, casino, and forex. Neteller account holders can apply for a free MasterCard. With the debit card, you can pay at all POS terminals, to online merchants, and for ATM withdrawals.

Overall, with Neteller clients can:

  • send money to friends, family and players
  • buy and sell crypto
  • use a MasterCard
  • deposit to their favorite online merchants

Personal money transfers and deposits to gaming sites are the most prominent features of the ewallet, but NETELLER clients also use it to buy, keep, and sell cryptocurrencies.

The first cooperation between Paynura and Paysafe began in 2012. Since then, Paynura has grown from an affiliate site to Skrilland Neteller Affiliate Programprovider and finally developed into an affiliate network for gaming and ewallets.

Paysafe operates both Skrill and Neteller. If you are interested in promoting Skrill and Neteller brands, you can join the Paynura Skrill and Neteller Affiliate Program.

Paynura compliments the official Paysafe affiliate program by providing customer support to all affiliates, detailed analytics, a full range of affiliate tools, and reliable payments. Most importantly, we make the journey smooth and fun with performance analytics that motivate progress.

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