Paynura is the exclusive solution for igaming affiliates

Affiliate networks in igaming are serving a large community of gaming affiliates, promoting sportsbook, casino, poker, games, and ewallets. Majority of affiliate networks focus on having a high number of affiliate deals. Still, a few put the quality of affiliate offers before the number of deals on their portfolio. Paynura is one of the later. 

Paynura made a transition from an innovative affiliate program for Skrill and Neteller to a full-scale affiliate network in mid-2020. The developers of the Paynura affiliate network worked closely with the affiliate software team, Backend Architects. And the result? An utterly intuitive affiliate management system, with tools, detailed reporting, performance dashboard, and commission payment system. 

As an official Paysafe partner since 2012, Paynura can offer exclusive affiliate deals on Skrill and Neteller to all gaming affiliates that want to promote Paysafe's ewallets. 

The main features of the Paynura affiliate network 

Paynura has been developed by affiliates for affiliates. Thus, the networks functions reflect what is essential to affiliates: exclusive affiliate deals, fast commission payouts, dedicated support, and flexible payment options. 

Exclusive affiliate offers

Paynura has a selection of affiliate offers for online poker, casino, sportsbook, and Skrill and NETELLER ewallets. Our focus is on the affiliate deal's quality. Our affiliates get high revenue share, CPA, cashback offers, and exclusive benefits, such as fast track VIP status or player bonuses. Based on the affiliate's monthly results, our manager can adjust the deals for high performers. 

Instant commission payments

With Paynura, affiliates don't have to wait for their commission. We designed the payments system so that affiliates can request the payment whenever they want. Our system provides an overview of pending and available commissions. The available commission can be paid out instantly or saved at the affiliate account at Paynura. 

Personal and dedicated support 

Affiliates appreciate immediate and personal support. At Paynura, we have multiple channels for support to our affiliates, such as Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter channels for newsworthy updates and analysis. We use Skype, Telegram, Newsletter service, in-account notifications to offer details and communicate with our members. Plus, you can always drop us an email or get in touch via live chat. 

Multiple payment methods

Affiliates can choose between different payment methods for commission payouts. For now, we transfer commission to Skrill, NETELLER, or the affiliate's Bitcoin account. Affiliates can also store their commission on their Paynura account and request payments to different accounts. 

Track your performance with Paynura 

Paynura is here to make your affiliate journey easy and your performance transperent. Here are some highlights of our affiliate solution. 

Performance dashboard 

No more lists and tables. With Paynura, your most relevant data is displayed on the affiliate dashboard. It gives an instant overview of monthly performance, account growth, revenue growth compared with the previous month, number of new tagged users, and more. The dashboard is also the main gateway to more detailed reporting. 

Flexible performance reporting

Affiliates can adjust their reports by filtering brands, time period, sub-affiliates, and users. All the data is stored in the affiliate account and can be tailored and exported anytime. 

Affiliate offers and marketing tools

All affiliate offers are available in the affiliate account. Affiliates can request tracking links by selecting the offer, which will also create links for potential sub-affiliates. Marketing tools, such as banners and visuals are available for all brands in standard dimensions and multiple languages. 

Paynura is a growing global affiliate network

Currently, we have a community of more than 300 active affiliates. We are excited about our network's constant growth, which is predominantly serving poker, sportsbook, and ewallet affiliates, but we are also expanding the online casino offers. 

With our advanced affiliate backend, we are proud to say that we are building the new standard in affiliate networks. Join Paynuratoday.

Affiliate Support

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