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This Barbie is a Streamer

Female streamers are making history with record traffic and millions of followers. Find out their secret formula for success.

This Barbie is a Streamer

The concept of streaming as a job is a relatively new phenomenon, many of the current top streamers never ever dreamed about the money they are earning today.


Most of them started out of curiosity and out of pure love for gaming.

However, as streaming is gaining popularity, a lot of upcoming streamers are starting to stream, motivated only by popularity and financial success.

Yet,  becoming famous will not simply convert into millions of dollars if you don’t know how to monetize your audience.

In the upcoming article, we will talk about current top 5 female streamers and explore some ideas for audience monetization. 👑


Top 5 female streamers:

1. Pokimane

She’s likely the worlds most famous female streamer, holding the crown as the most followed female streamer on Twitch with around 9 million followers. 

Pokimane is best known for her League of Legends, Fortnite and Valorant streams. 

Over the years, she has become an icon of twitch, paving the way for countless other female streamers following her steps. 

2. Valkyrae

One of the most influential female streamers in the gaming community. 

She started as a professional gamer when she joined 100 thieves, a competitive fortnite esports team, where she was the first female member. 

Valkyrae has amassed over 4 million followers on YouTube and is a big advocate for women in competitive e-sports, often supporting all-female teams.

3. Rivers_GG

One of the currently fastest growing female streamers in the gaming world. Back in 2021 she switched from streaming on Facebook to streaming on where she gained almost 6 million followers.

She streams in her native language, Spanish, and is famous for her Call Of Duty, but also variety gaming content. 

4. IronMouse

One of the most popular female VTubers, most known for her personality, but also for her high-pitched voice and singing abilities.

Together on Youtube and Twitch she has over 3 million followers, making her one of the most popular female streamers in the community. 

5. Corinna Kopf

She first gained popularity on YouTube as a part of David Dobrik’s squad in 2016.

Her popularity continued growing as she switched into  a twitch streamer, playing games such as fortnite on her channel.

Over time, she diversified her content and found new ways to monetize her influence.

While she is not the most famous female streamer out there, her impressive net worth of $12 million shows she's quite good at capitalizing on her popularity

Currently, she's ventured into streaming gambling content, collaborating with on, opening up yet another source of income.


How Streamers Earn Money Nowadays


Platform Subscriptions

Whether on Twitch, YouTube, or Kick, streamers can earn money through their followers' subscriptions. For a monthly fee, users receive special benefits and can show support to their favorite streamer. 🫶


Brand Endorsements

Streamers are currently one of the most popular people on the planet, it is no wonder brands are paying them to endorse their products.


Affiliate Marketing

Streamers can earn money by selling products through their streams, whether they advertise physical or digital products.

Nowadays, gambling affiliate marketing is one of the biggest revenue drivers for certain streamers. 

The likes of:

... are earning hundreds of millions by associating their brands with iGaming.


Ways to make money streaming with iGaming affiliate marketing

Fixed Partnership with Casino 

Casinos often partner up with famous streamers, paying them a fixed monthly fee to promote their website on their streams.

It is the most simple way of monetizing your stream through gambling but it is reserved only for the most popular influencers.


Revenue Share deals

For the newcomer streamers, casinos might propose a revenue share model.

Here, they earn a percentage of the revenue generated from players who join the casino through their stream. This is often tracked through affiliate links or codes.

It's a fantastic way for smaller streamers to start their iGaming affiliate business and potentially grow their earnings.


CPA Deals

In a CPA arrangement, instead of earning a share of the revenue, streamers receive a predetermined sum for every new player that signs up through their channel.

It’s a very straightforward approach that can be very lucrative in some cases.


Hybrid Deals (CPA+Revenue Share)

Hybrid offers the best of both worlds, streamers get a fixed amount for each new player, plus a cut of the revenue they generate for the casino.

These flexible agreements are becoming increasingly popular among streamers..


How to start iGaming affiliate marketing today?

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