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11. december 2023

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Win or lose? Get paid with Stake

Explore Stake's unique affiliate program on Paynura, offering a stable income through a wagers-based commission model.

Win or lose? Get paid with Stake

A little warning is in order. Stake is no ordinary affiliate program. 

Unlike the usual affiliate revenue share models based on player losses, Stake offers an innovative approach of paying their affiliates a share of the house edge.

With Stake Affiliate Program, you will never hit the red numbers. 

Affiliates earn a small piece of each spin on a slot machine, each roulette spin, each sports bet, and many more.

Stake’s Unique Commission Model

Each game on has a different house edge; you can derive your commission using the following formula: 


“( edge as decimal * wagered / 2 ) * commission rate.”


“(0.03 * wagered / 2 ) * commission rate.”

 This formula applies to every individual wager made on Stake. 

The house edge for each game is detailed in the game's description. For instance, slot games typically have a 3-4% house edge, and a theoretical 3% house edge is applied to all sports bets.

Stake Player Retention Strategy

The core of Stake's long-term strategy is achieving player satisfaction through unique programs and campaigns that reward their players. Rewards provide additional funds and incentives to the players, which also contributes to increasing your overall affiliate commission earnings.

Here is how Stake retains its players:

  • Rakeback
  • Weekly Bonus
  • Monthly Bonus
  • Hourly/Daily reload
  • VIP level rewards

Benefits of Stake Affiliate Program 

More predictable revenue stream

Under the traditional revenue share model, affiliates earn a percentage of the net losses made by the players they refer. As a result, their income depends on how much money these players lose. However, the affiliate's earnings can be negatively impacted by factors such as a player's winning streak or their decision to stop playing after experiencing losses.

The unpredictability of these factors makes it challenging for affiliates to accurately forecast their monthly income and plan their business strategies effectively.

The affiliate program utilized by Stake differs significantly from other models. It follows a wagers-based approach where the affiliates earn a commission based on the total amount wagered by the players they refer, regardless of whether they win or lose. This method provides a more consistent and predictable revenue stream, as player wagering tends to be stable over time.

With the Stake Affiliate Program, affiliates can plan their business strategies with greater predictability and stability due to the consistency in player behavior.

Most importantly, Stake affiliates do not carry the loss when their referrals are lucky. 

Broader Appeal

The conventional betting model usually targets high-rollers and wealthy individuals to maximize profits.

However, a Stake-based model welcomes players of all levels, including those frequently placing small bets.

Such players can be valuable to affiliates because their consistent betting generates a steady commission.

Diversification of income sources

Diversification is a crucial aspect of risk management for affiliates. It involves having multiple sources of income to guard against negative balances and downturns caused by other revenue streams. 

Creating different income streams can lead to a positive cycle where a stable income base encourages business growth, which in turn can increase diversification and stabilize revenue.

Stake's Friendly Approach

The wager-based mode aligns better with responsible gaming. Affiliates earn from wagering itself, irrespective of whether players win or lose. 

This approach can contribute to a more positive gaming culture emphasizing enjoyment and responsible play rather than risking large amounts of money.

Staying Ahead in a Changing Landscape 

Staying ahead of industry trends requires continuous learning, adapting marketing strategies, embracing technological advancements, and using new opportunities. Take advantage of the opportunity to ride the crypto gaming wave.  

Understanding the Crypto Market Dynamics

The cryptocurrency market is known for its volatility and rapid changes. Affiliates need to stay informed about these market dynamics.

A crypto bull run can significantly influence player behavior and investment patterns.

Leveraging the Bull Run in Marketing Strategies

During a crypto bull run, as the value of cryptocurrencies rises, crypto holders often experience a surge in disposable income. Such market conditions create a unique opportunity for affiliates to attract new players and motivate existing ones to boost their wagering activities.

Affiliates can tailor acquisition strategies to emphasize the potential of appreciating crypto assets for online gaming, focusing on how Stake enables players to leverage their crypto holdings and potentially enhance its appeal during a bull run.

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