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How To Make Money with Memes

The most detailed guide on how to start earning with memes and how to maximize the monetization potential.

How To Make Money with Memes

If you’re using the internet in 2024, you are constantly surrounded by short-format memes wherever you go.

Whether it is Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, Facebook, or any other social media, memes and funny videos are the video content you will most commonly see.

We all enjoy seeing a funny video, exhaling through the nose, and scrolling on. 🤩

But did you know that you can actually make a living creating memes?

And we’re not talking about cents, we are talking about actual income that can match common-job salaries.

In this article, we will go through the basics, how to start, what to do, and how to maximize the monetization potential.


The Basics About Earning with Memes

Memes serve one prerogative purpose only: to make people laugh and feel good about themselves. If you want to capitalize on your memes, you need to bring them to people. 

The greater audience aka followers base you have, the better. But it not just about the number of followers. Prospective clients are looking for genuine followers, or more precisely, a community (think about all the Swifties out there). 

Start by sharing your memes on social media like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Answer their comments, and engage in conversations. 📱

👉 Here are several methods how to earn from your memes: 

#1 Sell meme products 

Everyone likes a funny t-shirt or a tote. Mug for a colleague? Sticker? There are two great platforms for developing and marketing your meme products: 

#2 Make Money from Ads 

Suppose you have a strong YouTube or TikTok channel. In that case, you can make substantial money from making tutorial videos about memes and earn from the advertising space on the channels.  

#3 The Gold Mine: Collaboration with Brands 

Brands are looking for engaging viral content. Memes are a great method of connecting with consumers. You can collaborate with companies to produce sponsored content, including memes. If you align with brand values and tone, this can become your personal gold mine. 


How to collaborate with brands to monetize your memes

Each brand needs to be seen to succeed on the market.

Almost every company is running its brand awareness campaigns. Some are paying for Google or Facebook ads, some are buying TV commercials, and the most innovative ones are using memes to get their brand known.

If you can create memes that will be seen by thousands or millions of people around the world, some brands are willing to pay to have their logo embedded in your content. 💲


Case Study: Making Money with RollBit 

To show a step by step guide, I will be using RollBit Casino as an example.

First things first, here is a checklist of things you’ll need to start. 

  • Discord 
  • Instagram / Tiktok / YouTube account
  • Editing Software
  • Crypto Wallet for payments

Note, that you do not need to spend a lot of money for editing software.

Free ones are good enough.


Earning Potential for Making Memes for RollBit

The question on your mind is a legit one, so how much can you earn posting memes with RollBit?

  • $600 per 1,000,000 views
  • $60 per 100,000 views
  • $6 per 10,000 views
  • $0.6 per 1,000 views

What do you need to know (small text):

  • Only videos above 2000 views are eligible for payouts.
  • Each video generates revenue for up to 30 days.
  • Payments will be made each 1st of the month.

You should not be modest with your view goals - aim for the million plus and you’ll be seriously monetizing your memes. 


How to start with Rollbit Casino content creation?

First off, you will need to join this discord server:

👉 If you do not have a discord account, it is free to create one.

After joining the server, you will need to verify your account by clicking on the ✅ emoji under the first message you see.

After successful verification, you will gain full access to the server.

This is where you will submit your content, check your stats and receive payments every 1st of the month.

Next thing you have to do is verify the pages you will use for posting.

To do so, go to the #bot-commands chat room and write /verify [platform] [username].

It should look something like this:

Afterwards, the bot will let you know what you should do to verify the page.

For Instagram, for example, the bot will require you to add random numbers into your IG BIO, which can be removed after it is successfully verified as your account.

You should also verify your payment method, which you can do by typing /payment set in the same #bot-commands chat room.

Now you are all set, and you can start earning.


RollBit Content Creation Guidelines

Before talking about the content, we have to go through the rules set by Rollbit. To make it easier, here are all the guidelines that meme creators should follow.

Format Guidelines

  • Splitscreen content must be 30% of the screen
  • Content must be a post
  • Include the full Rollbit logo (there is a template)
  • Videos must be a minimum length of: 10 seconds


  • Must be Rollbit related
  • Aligned with Rollbit's Terms of Service
  • Language: English only
  • Content must not divert users away from the primary post.


  • Content is approved at the discretion of the team
  • At least 2,000 views for monetization
  • Comments, likes, etc must be enabled

Nitty Gritty

  • Replies or collabs are prohibited

Absolute No-go

  • View manipulation will result in a permanent ban
  • Thumbnail, title & description must not be deceptive of actual content

Supported Platforms

  • TikTok
  • YouTube / Shorts
  • Instagram Reels (No Facebook views)
  • X (formerly known as Twitter)

You can create any type of content as long as you add RollBit-approved content to 30% of the screen. It has to be related to Rollbit/Casino and in English, using English songs.

Some of the things you can post:

🎰 Casino Related Memes

Simply look at the meme templates which are popular today, take them and adapt them with a casino-themed punchline, put a Rollbit logo on it and voila, you are ready to post.

🎯 Casino Moments Clipped

Take a look at the approved content creators in discord, watch their steams, clip some interesting moments and post them. 


How can your memes get a lot of views?

If you are looking for a simple answer, make quality content.

The algorithm which decides whether your video will be shown to a lot of people works on mysterious yet simple mathematics.

To get a viral video you need:

  • Good Likes to Views ratio
  • Good Shares to Views ratio
  • Good Viewer Retention ( how long do people watch it on average )
  • Famous Audio / Meme used 

If your video doesn’t get instantly skipped, gets decent viewer retention, gets likes and shares from people sending it to their friends - it will do great.

So just think about it, when you create a video, is it something you would like? Is it something you would send your friend? If the answer is yes, your video will most likely do great. 


How to create meme videos?

For the creation you will have to use an editing software.

Whether you are using Mobile or Desktop, CapCut is a good solution for beginners, and it is completely free.

For the editing itself, there are tons of tutorials on the internet, so if you are a complete beginner, take an hour or two and get familiar with the editing process through YouTube.

You can also use some of the pre-made templates, which you can get through discord in the #templates chat room on Discord.

This is an example of a template:

It has the logo and gambling content pre-added, all you need to do is replace the green screen with your own clip.


What to do after creating the video?

Once you are satisfied with the content you created, post it on your social media.

Make sure to use relevant tags when uploading, so the algorithm knows which audience is suitable for your post.

As soon as you post it, grab the link and submit your content on discord by using the command:
In the bot-commands chat room.

It should look something like:

Note: Videos with more than 2000 views are eligible for submission only. So make sure to do this as soon as you post the video.


How to earn even more money with the traffic created?

Once you start posting on social media, you will gain followers and more views.

If you post casino-related memes, you will attract people who are interested in casinos. You can use this traffic to earn EVEN MORE money with affiliate marketing.

If you aren’t familiar with affiliate marketing, it is an online marketing arrangement in which online retailers pay commission to external parties for sales generated from its referrals.

Simply put, casinos will pay YOU to bring them new clients. 

You get your own referral link and post it somewhere visible on your social media. If someone registers and plays, you are paid.

There are tons of offers and different commission structures available.


Get started with Paynura: Become a meme professional

At Paynura,we can help you navigate the casino affiliate marketing landscape and connect you with the best-paying offers in just a few clicks.

Through Paynura, you can be paid up to $120 per acquired casino player and earn a revenue share on certain casino affiliate deals. 

Together with the amounts paid for impressions on your videos, you could be earning thousands of dollars each month.


Create a free account and earn as an affiliate

It is not just opening a member’s account,we have more goodies in the package:

🌟 Dedicated Affiliate Manager

🌟 Numerous Casino/Poker/Sportsbook Affiliate Offers

🌟 Simplified Earnings Management and Commission Payments 

If you have any questions regarding meme creation or affiliate offers, feel free to contact us on Telegram 👉 @VukPaynura or by email 👉

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