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11. december 2023

I'm diving deep into Crypto and Forex to find top-paying affiliate opportunities for Paynura affiliates. I help our affiliates identify these opportunities and capitalize on them. Feel free to contact me for advice.

Forex Affiliate Success: The Skrill Strategy

Earn More by Introducing Skrill as the Preferred Deposit Choice

Forex Affiliate Success: The Skrill Strategy

Why Skrill and Forex make a Perfect Match

Skrillis considered as the ace up a Forex trader's sleeve.

It’s capacity to send money instantly and securely is a game-changer in an industry where quick information flow is critical and can greatly impact a trader's potential profit.

Keypoints you should know about:

  • Security & Savings - Its superior security and competitive pricing ensure that transactions are safe and cost-effective.
  • Forex Favorite - Loved by brokers, easy for everyone. It's the go-to for Forex's fast pace.
  • Speedy Transactions - Quick and secure money moves are essential for real-time trading success.
  • VIP Perks - Volume and loyalty is highly rewarded.
  • Affiliate Advantage - A sophisticated affiliate network that provides income potential for Forex influencers and marketers.

Skrill excels in Forex trading, combining security, quickness, and specific incentives to make it a top choice for both traders and affiliates.

Tips to Choose the Right Skrill-Friendly Broker

When hunting for a Skrill-compatible Forex broker, think smart. Make sure they accept Skrill.

Eye the fees – they're not all the same. Check the broker's track record for peace of mind.

Licenses? Super important. See who's watching over them for extra trust.

Investment choices matter – Research broker’s offers thoroughly.

Look for information on the minimum and maximum deposit limits when using Skrill. This can affect how you manage your funds and investments.

Remember that the correct trading platform and tools can make or break your trading experience.

What about good help and resources? They're as valuable as gold.

Top Forex Brokers Who Love Skrill


A beginner's haven, globally regulated with user-friendly platforms like Exness Terminal, MT4, and MT5. Strong in research and education.

IC Markets

The all-rounder with top-tier regulation, competitive spreads, and support for MT4, MT5, cTrader. Bonus: Free VPS hosting and advanced trading tools.

FP Markets

For the pros, offering excellent execution and a vast range of over 13,000 instruments. Supports multiple platforms, including VPS hosting.


Stands out with its proprietary WebTrader platform and mobile app, perfect for traders seeking a strong platform with amazing analytical tool called +Insights and has more than 2,800 tradable instruments​​.


Ideal for low spreads, regulated by BaFIN and CySEC, offering a wide selection of tradable instruments. Known for it’s intuitive proprietary platforms. 

Turning Your Forex Influence into Cash with Skrill

Let's start by going through a list of unique features every Skrill user registered through Paynuragets to enjoy: 

  • VIP Account Status
  • Free and Fast Verification (No Deposit Required) 
  • Complimentary MasterCard (Both Physical and Virtual card work with apple pay)
  • Free P2P Transactions 
  • Free ATM Withdrawals
  • Lower FX Fees 
  • Premium Support

So besides secure and fast worldwide transactions, Crypto trading, deposits, and withdrawals on Skrill, there are these unique features you can offer your audience through your partnership with Paynura. 

Now let's discuss how to promote these features efficiently. I will list some of the most successful methods:

Forex VIP Groups on Telegram/WhatsApp

Forex influencers, particularly those managing exclusive VIP Forex groups, can add extra value to their premium membership packages by granting group members access to VIP Skrill.  

Forex Courses

Forex Mentors can simply add a new section to their existing course that will cover what Skrill is, how to register on Skrill, and how a VIP Skrill account is imperative to successful Forex trading. 


Forex bloggers can monetize their content by crafting articles centered around the Skrill and Forex broker partnership. Some of the topics that could work well are listed below: 

"Guide to Depositing with Skrill on [Forex Platform Name]."

"Withdrawing Funds from [Forex Platform Name] to Skrill: A Step-by-Step Process."

"The Advantages of Skrill for Forex Traders."

"Exploring Skrill's Popularity Among Forex Brokers."


Industry professionals attending Forex events can easily share the advantages of Skrill with their contacts, highlighting how choosing Skrill as the preferred banking option is a beneficial move.

Content Creation

Utilizing diverse platforms such as YouTube, TikTok, Instagram and X at once will definitely enhance your promotional efforts for Skrill.

Some quick tips on how to best utilize each platform

YouTube: Create detailed video’s that explain Skrill’s features and benefits it brings to Forex industry.  A great example: Three reasons why traders use Skrill

TikTok: Create quick, captivating videos demonstrating the simplicity of Skrill - for instance, showcasing a swift transfer between two Forex brokers using just an email and password.

Instagram: Great for visual storytelling and informative posts.  Here is a great example


A post shared by Ikenna Kinsley Chigbo (@realkenchigbo)

Linkedin:  Network with professionals from the industry, write detailed content, join financial groups.

Twitter: Share quick, engaging updates and interact with the community.

Skrill in Forex FAQ

Speedy Skrill: How does it fare in transaction speed?

Lightning-fast, beating traditional banks, perfect for Forex's pace.

Security Shield: What makes Skrill safe for Forex?

Features like two-factor authentication and encryption ensure top-notch security.

Market Volatility: Skrill's role during fast market changes?

Enables traders to move quickly, ideal for reacting to market swings.

Skrill & Bots: Compatible with automated trading?

Yes, integrates smoothly for hassle-free automated strategies.

Tax Savvy: Implications of using Skrill in Forex?

Depends on local laws; consulting a tax expert is wise.

Strategic Moves: Best trading strategies with Skrill?

Great for quick strategies like day trading, plus supports multiple currencies.

Currency Conversion: How Skrill handles it?

Offers an efficient conversion tool with competitive rates.

Hidden Benefits: Any lesser-known perks?

Rewards, multi-currency accounts, and VIP benefits for active traders.

Wrapping It Up: Skrill's Bright Future in Forex

In a nutshell, Skrill's role in Forex is more than just a trend; it's a revolution.

For affiliates, this means a golden chance to cash in on digital wallet demand.

Skrill's mix of speed and security is key here. As it grows in the Forex world, so does your opportunity to profit from its advanced features.

We're looking at a future where digital finance meets affiliate marketing, and it's looking bright for those ready to dive in.


For one-on-one consultation with Marko Strba, open a free account at Paynura. 

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