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March 24, 2021

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Why are Skrill and Neteller the most popular deposit methods in poker?

Skrill and Neteller are the most popular digital wallets among poker players. Here you can read about all the advantages of playing with an ewallet.

Why are Skrill and Neteller the most popular deposit methods in poker?

Skrilland Netellerdigital wallets are a perfect matche for poker portals and platforms. Because of the high transfer limits, they are suitable for recreational poker players and high rollers. 

As Skrill or Neteller account owner, you don't have to question if your deposit or withdrawal did or didn’t go through. Both ewallets are the most secure and reliable choice you can make. 

Sending and receiving money from your fellow players has never been easier, and it's done within minutes. If you wish to transfer your money to your bank account, no problem! And what’s even better, you can spend your poker winnings directly from your Skrill and Neteller Mastercard or get cash on ATMs.

Advantages of using Skrill and Neteller for poker deposits

#1 Bank details not shared with poker rooms

If you are playing in more than one poker room, you don't have to give up your bank details to any of them. The only legal entity that holds your bank details is Paysafe, the owner of Skrill and Neteller, which have a strict policy on not sharing their clients' data. In this way, your personal and bank details are not shared with poker rooms and operators.

#2 Skrill NETELLER VIP pays less fees

You can upgrade your Skrill and Neteller account to VIP status and enjoy additional benefits. With VIP status, you can spend more and pay less on fees. Affiliates can check Paynura's fast VIP upgrades for Skrill and Neteller accounts!

#3 Promote Skrill NETELLER and earn revenue share

Joining the Skrilland Neteller affiliate programis another significant advantage. You can create passive monthly income as a poker affiliate by promoting the biggest and the most popular digital wallets in the online poker world. If you own a poker blog or vlog, this is also an excellent opportunity to create more passive income. Insert your affiliate tracking links and start earning money.

Poker sites accepting crypto as a payment method is already a standard

Digital assets are popular in the poker world as an alternative to standard cash deposits. It became standard rather than the exception for poker sites to accept crypto. 

Accepting crypto enables poker sites to accept many new players. Bitcoin or Ethereum are the most common options for deposits on poker platforms. Cryptocurrencies also enable more privacy than banks and credit cards which is vital for many poker players.

Cash-out your poker winnings and spend it with Skrill Mastercard

Skrill is the most poker-friendly digital wallet on the market. You can quickly move your money between bank accounts and online poker cashiers. Because Skrill has a MasterCard option, you can get your hands on your winnings at ATMs or in every store where Mastercard is accepted. 

Contact Paynura’s support team for SkrillVIP upgrades to increase your card limits and reduce deposit fees!

Neteller Net+ Card for poker players

Almost every poker room accepts Neteller, and this is simply because they've been one of the most trusted digital wallets for years. To withdraw your poker winnings, you can use a Net+ card. You don't have to send money from Neteller to your bank account before spending it, as you can use Net+ Card at ATMs or merchants, online or in person. 

If you want to raise your account limits and reduce fees, you should check outoptions at Paynura.

Fedor Holz about Skrill

Fedor Holz started using Skrill at the start of his poker career, and he is still a big fan of it today. Skrill is the most reliable, secure, and flexible digital wallet, in his opinion. 
Holz's poker winnings record over 32,5 million USD. When you handle such big money, a digital wallet you can rely on is one of the most important things. Because of easy transactions between various portals and poker platforms, he finds this ewallet the perfect fit for every poker player. 

If you want to simplify your bankroll management, you should try Skrill, according to Fedor.

Conclusion: All in with Skrill and NETELLER

Because of the high-security systems and flexibility Skrill and Neteller digital wallets bring, many poker players use them as preferred payment deposit methods on poker sites. 

If you already have your Skrill or Neteller account, contact Paynura's supportfor the VIP upgrades. Become a part of the biggest affiliate network for digital wallets, casino, poker, and sportsbook, and enjoy the exclusive benefits that go with it!

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