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Discover the best casino affiliate deals with Paynura. By joining our exclusive affiliate network, you can maximize your potential to earn the highest possible commissions on each referral. Start turning your passion into profits today!

As an affiliate, you can leverage your expertise, experience, and creativity in the gambling world to start earning a steady additional income. All you need to do is include affiliate links in your content and get paid—it's that simple.

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An affiliate link is your personalized, unique link through which the casino brand can trace the traffic back to you and reward you. Casino and sportsbook affiliate programs thank their affiliates by sharing a generous percentage of their earnings or simply paying you for each eligible player you bring.

Online gambling is one of the fastest-growing industries today. There's no better time to jump in as an affiliate and ride the wave to success.

With Paynura, it's super simple to access multiple affiliate deals, manage all your promotions, and collect your commissions on a single website. Join today and start earning a passive income.

Boost Your Earnings with Paynura’s Casino and Sportsbook Affiliate Deals

Paynuranot only offers the highest commission casino and sportsbook affiliate deals but also provides you with a dedicated account manager for support and advice. We know the secrets behind the affiliate game, and we’re here to share our tips and tricks to help you succeed.

Opening a Paynura accountis completely free. Once you're registered, you'll have access to multiple high-paying deals through our user-friendly dashboard. Plus, if you're interested, you can explore other iGaming affiliate programs such as crypto, e-wallets, and poker.

Manage casino affiliate promotions

All your results are tracked in our super user-friendly reporting dashboard. The system lets you keep an eye on daily stats such as active players, signups, deposits, revenue, and your commissions. You can also set up a sub-affiliate system and boost your earnings by recruiting other affiliates and receiving a cut from their commission.

Our dashboard is designed to be detailed and user-friendly, showing you all the data you need to monitor and optimize your performance. It’s all about making your life easier and helping you maximize your profit.

Paynura offers an intuitive affiliate management system perfect for seasoned affiliates and newcomers looking to start their affiliate marketing journey. Join us today and let us help you earn big.

Overview of Paynura's Casino Affiliate Programs

Our casino affiliate deals include the most popular and lucrative options for all players and affiliates. Our members can take advantage of multiple revenue share, CPA, or hybrid deals to skyrocket their earnings.

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Currently, our casino affiliates can access the following casino affiliate programs. 

Bet365 Casino Affiliate Program

Promote one of the most popular iGaming brands worldwide. Bet365 is a top performer in all aspects, and promoting the Bet365 casino will increase your affiliate commission.

PowerUp Casino Affiliate Program 

PowerUp Casino is a winning underdog that can boost your affiliate balance quickly: an extremely attractive hybrid affiliate deal that fills your wallet with CPA and revenue share. 

GUTS Casino Affiliate Program 

GUTS Casino offers a wide selection of exciting casino games and is a well-established brand that consistently attracts new players. Promote GUTS by offering exclusive perks to potential referrals through Paynura.

Vegas Plus casino Affiliate Program 

Promoting Vegas Plus Casino can earn you a lucrative CPA for each player you bring. The casino is crypto and mobile-friendly, making it attractive to responsible players.

Unique Casino Affiliate Program

Unique Casino offers CPA rewards for affiliates and attractive perks for players. Use your casino expertise to generate a rewarding commission stream with your unique affiliate links. 

Casino Commission Booster: Skrill Neteller Affiliate Deal 

Most casino players use e-wallets such as Skrill,Neteller,and Paysafecardto manage their casino funds. Did you know that you can earn commissions by promoting these services?

We offer top Skrill and Neteller affiliate deals and are an extension of Paysafe support. Our members enjoy exclusive benefits, including fast-track VIP accounts and dedicated customer support.

Skrill Neteller Commission for Casino Affiliates

For casino affiliates, promoting Skrill and Neteller can generate a lucrative additional commission. Existing and new casino players can substantially boost your affiliate commission, and you'll continue earning from all their merchant transactions.

Maximize Your Affiliate Earnings with Paynura

Smart Dashboard for Casino Affiliates

Paynura affiliates can track their performance daily, as all necessary statistics are synced with affiliate program providers several times a day. Innovative tables and charts provide an in-depth view of the statistics, showing all relevant and important data in the reports.

Management tools for casino affiliates

Sub-Affiliate Structure for Casino Affiliate Referrals

You can increase your revenue by inviting other affiliates using your unique sub-affiliate link. This way, you will earn an additional commission based on your sub-affiliates earnings. Expand your network and boost your earnings even more.

Marketing Materials for Promoting Casino

Creatives and other marketing materials are essential tools for success. The marketing section on the Paynura dashboard offers a variety of resources, including banners and templates. Materials can be filtered by brand, size, and language. Our marketing section is regularly updated with new special campaigns, promotions, and exclusive bonus offers.

Commission Payment Methods

Affiliates can claim different offers and work with multiple affiliate programs simultaneously. All your results are recorded in our reporting system, which generates monthly statements. These statements provide a detailed breakdown of your affiliate commission per brand, including all the deposits and revenue. You can cash out your commission balance through different payment providers, such as digital and crypto wallets.

All Casino Promotions in One Affiliate Account

Partner with Paynura for Casino Affiliate Deals

Paynurais an ideal environment for casino and sportsbook affiliates seeking lucrative deals. Once you open a free Paynura account, you are instantly assigned an account manager who is a specialist in the casino and sportsbook niche.

Are you interested in different verticals? We also provide affiliate deals for poker, crypto, and e-wallets. If you are interested, an experienced account manager specializing in those offers will guide you through the process.

Open an account today,and let’s take your iGaming affiliate journey to new heights together.

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