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Aug. 14, 2021

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Skrill NETELLER Crypto Service 2021 Update

Skrill and Neteller add features to its crypto service, extent the list of cryptocurrencies and reduce crypto fees.

Skrill NETELLER Crypto Service 2021 Update

Skrill and Neteller ewallets keep evolving to provide the ultimate user experience and address custemers needs. And what do users look for in ewallets these days? Besides reliable and safe online payments? An option to buy and sell crypto. 

Skrilland Netellerare a gateway to the world of crypto. If you have a Skrill account or a Neteller account, you can invest in cryptocurrencies directly from your account.

Here is a complete list of available crypotcurrencies, crypto fees, tutorials and how to promote Skrill and Neteller. 


The Evolution of Skrill NETELLER Crypto Service 

Skrill and Neteller introduced the Crypto Service in 2019, and by 2021, the service has expanded from a couple of crypto assets to almost 40 digital coins. 

#1 Crypto Portfolio

Skrill and Neteller started its Crypto Service in 2019. Everyone with a Skrill or Neteller account could buy Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Bitcoin, and other digital assets. The selection of coins was limited to 10 assets. 

By mid-2021, Skrill and Neteller offer almost 40 cryptocurrencies. This is a huge step forward not only for ewallets but primarily for clients. A few years ago, it wasn't easy to imagine everyday transactions with cryptocurrencies. Today, it is becoming something completely normal because Skrill and Neteller are making it easy for clients to handle crypto and take advantage of the bull market. 

Complete list of cryptocurrencies available at Skrill and NETELLER on August 15, 2021: 

  • Bitcoin (BTC),
  • Ethereum (ETH)
  • Cardano (ADA),
  • Dogecoin (DOGE)
  • Uniswap (UNI) 
  • Bitcoin Cash (BCH), 
  • Litecoin (LTC),
  • Chainlink (LNK),
  • Polygon (MAT),
  • Stellar Lumens (XLM),
  • Ethereum Classic (ETC), 
  • EOS (EOS),
  • Aave (AVE),
  • Maker (MKR), 
  • Tezos (XTZ), 
  • Cosmos (ATO),
  • Dash (DSH),
  • Compound (CMP),
  • SushiSwap (SHI),
  • Decentralized (MNA),
  • Synthetix (SNX),
  • The Graph (GRT),
  • Ox (ZRX), 
  • Bancor (BNT),
  • Curve (CRV),
  • Ankr (ANK),
  • Uma (UMA),
  • Celo (CLD),
  • OMG Network (OMG), 
  • Kyber (KNC),
  • Loopring (LRC),
  • Skale (SKL),
  • Storj (STO),
  • NuCypher (NUC),
  • Numeraire (NMR),
  • Balancer (BLC),
  • Band (BAN).


#2 Crypto Service Features

While Skrill and Neteller are not crypto exchange platforms, their service has a full range of features. 

You can check price charts, current price, market sentiment, and your portfolio performance from your ewallet account. Moreover, the whole crypto service interface is incredibly user-friendly, so navigating through features comes as intuitive as possible. 

Buying crypto with Skrill NETELLER

  • Instant buy 
  • Recurring buy
  • Conditional buy

Selling crypto with Skrill NETELLER 

  • Instant sell
  • Recurring sell
  • Conditional sell

Although investing in crypto from an ewallet account is simple, you might first consider watching a step-by-step video guide. If you are new to buying Bitcoin, Ethereum, or any other cryptocurrency with Skrill and Neteller, here are some helpful tutorials:


#3 Sending Bitcoin and Ethereum with Skrill and Neteller

While you can buy and sell all cryptocurrencies within the Skrill and NETELLER ewallet, you cannot send crypto to your friends and family yet. For now, if you want to transfer money, you have to sell crypto and send fiat currency to another Skrill or NETELLER user. 

Send ethereum with skrill

However, Skrill is introducing the option to send cryptocurrency to other Skrill accounts. For now, you can send Ethereum from Skrill to Skrill. Similarly, Neteller accounts can send Bitcoin to other Neteller clients. 

Hopefully, we will see the sending option unlocked for all cryptocurrencies soon. 


Skrill NETELLER Crypto Fees

Skrill and Neteller have announced changes to the Skrill Crypto fees and Neteller crypto fees. Here is a comparison of current fees and what to expect after September-October 2021. 


Currently, Skrill charges the following fees for its Crypto Service: 

  • Transactions up to 19.99 EUR - 0.99 EUR per transaction
  • Transactions between 20-99.99 EUR - 1.99 EUR per transaction 
  • Transactions above 100 EUR - 1.50 % per transaction

NEW SKRILL CRYPTO FEES (after September 14 2021)

 SkrillerTrue Skriller*Skrill VIP**

Crypto Buy/Sell up to €19.99




Crypto Buy/Sell between €20 – €99.99




Crypto Buy/Sell above €100



Silver VIP - 1.40% 

Gold/Diamond VIP - 1.30%


*True Skriller is a verified Skrill account. Here is all you need to know about conditions for True Skriller. 

** Skrill VIP requirements are very high, since you have to make more than $10000 quarterly transactions; but you can request Skrill VIP upgrade even without meeting those conditions. 


Neteller charges 1.50% on all crypto transactions, but the crypto fee will change after September 14, 2021.

NEW NETELLER CRYPTO FEES (after September 14, 2021)


Neteller Neteller True*Neteller VIP**
Crypto Buy/Sell up to $19.99

$ 0.99 



Crypto Buy/Sell between $20 – $99.99




Crypto Buy/Sell above $100



Silver VIP - 1.40% 

Gold/Diamond/Exclusive VIP - 1.30%


*Neteller True is a verified Neteller account. Here is all you need to know about conditions for Neteller True. 

** Neteller VIP requirements are very high, since you have to make more than $10000 quarterly transactions; but you can request a VIP upgrade even without meeting those conditions. 


Promote Skrill and Neteller as affiliate

Skrill and Neteller are the most popular ewallets at the moment. Its developers have made substantial investments into new features like the Skrill Sports Corner, NETELLER Crypto Service, and Skrill Crypto Service. There is a strong sentiment that Skrill and NETELLER are ready to take even a more significant market share in online payments, especially in the iGaming sector. 

The potential for expansion is immense as the overall sentiment towards ewallets is changing very positively. 

Skrill affiliate program

Working as a Skrill affiliatehas many benefits. With Paynura, Skrill affiliates get: 

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Neteller affiliate program 

Neteller affiliatescreate solid revenue streams by promoting Neteller. With Paynura, the Neteller affiliate program entails: 

  • personal affiliate manager support for all NETELLER referrals 
  • option to create several NETELLER affiliate links
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  • fast track NETELLER VIP requests for NETELLER accounts. 


Start today, cash out affiliate commission tomorrow 

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