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April 21, 2022

They call me double M! I love to play poker and write about it. I've been a staff writer on Paynura since 2019.

Skrill joins forces with Apple Pay

Adding Skrill to Apple Pay makes Skrill the most versatile and complete ewallet on the market.

Skrill joins forces with Apple Pay

Apple and Skrill have signed an agreement, resulting in Skrill clients being able to add Skrill to Apple Pay. 

From now on, Skrill Prepaid Mastercard can be added to Apple Pay as any other card. 

Skrill leaps forward with Apple Pay 

This latest move by Paysafe will skyrocket Skrill’s popularity, especially among Apple users, who are already using Apple Pay for day-to-day online and offline payments. 

Skrill is, along with Neteller, the most reliable method for international money transfers and gaming, and gambling. In the last two years, the Skrill app has made many improvements in crypto service, making it intuitively easy to buy and sell crypto assets. 

With Skrill Prepaid Mastercard® added to Apple Pay, Skrill is entering a whole new market, which is an excellent opportunity for Skrill affiliates. Here is how to dd Skrill to Apple Pay!

Every time Skrill introduces a new feature, the demand for the Skrill app rises. 


Join the Skrill Affiliate Program

Skrill affiliates earn revenue from referring players to Skrill. If you are supporting poker, casino, forex, or crypto community, then Skrill is an excellent source of income. You will get a revenue share from every deposit to gaming, gambling, or fx merchant. The revenue share is set for a lifetime of the tagged account. Imagine the potential if your referrals are trading forex, investing in crypto, or playing poker every night. 

Paynura offers a Skrill affiliate program for affiliates in iGaming and trading - our support team is on reach for all special requests: 

  • exclusive benefits for tagged accounts
  • flexible revenue share deals based on traffic 

By joining the Paynura affiliate network, affiliates can manage all promotions from one account, including: 

  • performance overview (dashboard view and in-depth reports) 
  • affiliate offers and tracking links 
  • marketing materials, such as unique landing pages, banners, and visuals
  • payment reports and cashout 

Paynura offers all tools for affiliate marketing for free - all the time. There are no hidden fees or account constraints. We believe in affiliate marketing and are here to support your journey. 

Join Paynura affiliate networkand promote Skrill,Neteller, as well as major poker, casino, sportsbook brands, and crypto exchange platforms. 



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