May 27, 2021

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Why is post-COVID-19 the best time to promote Skrill NETELLER?

The global pandemic changed the consumer attitude towards digital wallets like Skrill and NETELLER. With the increase of online payments, there is hype on ewallets. Affiliates, get busy!

Why is post-COVID-19 the best time to promote Skrill NETELLER?

If customers were uneasy with online payments before the COVID-19 pandemic, the attitudes towards online payments are changing. According to the recent Paysafe report, the online payments landscape is continuing to diversify, but the pandemic has accelerated the pace of change.  

Since consumers didn’t have access to in-store purchases, the shift to online spending was drastic. Consumers have changed the way they pay online during COVID-19, and many plan to stick to their new habits. 

Skrill and NETELLER also play a role in the online payments shift towards ewallets. Let’s see what the recent Paysafe survey has shown. 

COVID-19 changed how people pay online

Paysafe, the company behind Skrill and NETELLER, regularly surveys consumer attitudes. The most recent survey was conducted among 8,111 consumers in the United States, UK, Canada, Germany, Austria, Bulgaria, Italy. 

The results are not shocking. First of all, the pandemic changed our movement and access to stores, but it did not change our needs. At the same time, retailers increased their online presence and improved delivery. The consumers, on the other hand, geared up with safe and secure payment methods like Skrill and NETELLER. 

No longer just for poker, casino, gaming, and sportsbook 

Skrill and NETELLER are preferred payment methods for poker players, casino players, sports betting, and gaming. As digital wallets enable swift and secure payments and withdrawals without sharing bank information, players resorted to ewallets a while ago. Regular consumers had a certain level of mistrust towards ewallets because they were not exposed to online spending or always had an alternative. 

Open a Skrill account and get VIP

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A true trust shift towards alternative online payments

In general, card payments continue to be the most popular online payment method.

More than half of all consumers used a debit or credit card for online transactions in the past month. In third place are already ewallets. 

paysafe survey online payments

In Europe, paying with a digital wallet (43%) is the most popular alternative payment method to credit and debit cards.

COVID-19 has definitely changed the way we make online payments. According to the survey, only 14% of all consumers didn’t change anything about how they pay for things. On the other hand, almost 60% of surveyed customers have tried at least one new online payment method. More than 20% said they got familiar with alternative payment methods. 

Consumers are looking into alternatives to credit and debit cards for two reasons mainly. Security is one of the most critical issues, as the predominant fear during the pandemic was to become a victim of fraud. This fear was present by 25% of interviewed customers. 

Secondly, customers are reluctant to disclose their bank data to online merchants, especially in gaming, poker, casino, sportsbook, and adult entertainment, due to fraud risk. On the other, they don’t want their online activities reflected on their bank statements. An ewallet like Skrill and Neteller provides a layer of discretion. Once funds are deposited to a NETELLER or Skrill account, the bank statement won’t reflect the end receiver of the funds. 

How to promote Skrill and NETELLER in post-pandemic times? 

During the pandemic, we saw a new wave of customers interested in ewallets like Skrill and NETELLER. Primarily due to extra security and fraud protection and because digital wallets allow discreet online payments. 

General online consumers now join gamers, poker players, and sports betting community loyal Skrill NETELLER customers. This shift broadens the target groups for Skrill NETELLER promotions, as consumers see clear benefits of having an ewallet account. 

If you are a Skrill or NETELLER affiliate, you can use the Paysafe survey Lost in Transaction: Consumer payment trends 2021 data for planning your future campaigns. While iGaming is still the most rewarding target, ewallets are now being recognized by general consumers as reliable, safe online payment options as well. 

Skrill NETELLER affiliates, get busy!

The pandemic has brought significant change to online payments. If customers were skeptical about digital wallets like Skrill and NETELLER, they now regard them as the best payment alternative to credit and debit cards. Promoting Skrill and NETELLER is one of the most rewarding affiliate opportunities, as more and more individuals are looking for secure and discreet online payments. 



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