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Aug. 19, 2021

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NETELLER reduces fees for 2021

Neteller is lowering its fees, making money transfers, bank deposits, and crypto transactions widely accessible.

NETELLER reduces fees for 2021

With millions of users worldwide, Neteller is one of the most popular ewallets. The decision to reduce Neteller fees comes as a positive surprise to all Neteller clients and will surely boost new Neteller sign-ups. 

Only 1% fees on deposits from a bank account 

From October 14, 2021, Neteller is only reducing the bank transfers fee from 2.5% to 1%. This fee cut is a relief as many users were holding back from bank deposits due to high costs. 

Instant money transfers

For instant money transfers, fees will differ according to your Neteller account Status. 

  • Neteller Regular: 2.99%
  • Neteller True: 1.45%
  • Neteller VIP: FREE

If you don’t have a Neteller VIP account yet, apply for VIP statusand enjoy free Neteller money transfers. 

Neteller MasterCard fee

Neteller is charging a flat fee for using Neteller MasterCard. While regular Neteller account and Neteller True account pay 10USd for applying for a MasterCard, Neteller VIP accounts get the MasterCard for free. 

NETELLER Crypto Fees

Alongside money transfer and deposit fees, NETELLER is making changes to its Crypto Service. 

Neteller users pay a 1.5% fee on all cryptocurrency transactions. Effective September 14, the NETELLER Crypto fees are changing considerably: 

Crypto Buy/Sell up to $19.99
  • $0.99 
  • $0.70
  • $0.50
Crypto Buy/Sell between $20 – $99.99
  • $1.99 
  • $1.70 
  • $1.50 
Crypto Buy/Sell above $100
  • 1.90%
  • 1.70%
  • Silver VIP - 1.40%
  • Gold/Diamond/Exclusive VIP - 1.30%



Nobody likes to pay fees on money transfers. 99.9% of customers will confirm that. However, the majority of online payment providers are charging high prices. 

Neteller is rewarding its customers with Neteller VIP. Having a VIP status means that your fees are permanently reduced or even waived. If you don’t want to pay Neteller fees, request a VIP status via the NETELLER VIP form. 

Once your NETELLER VIP status is approved, you will have access to several benefits, such as: 

  • free money transfers; 
  • lower crypto transaction fees;
  • higher limits; 
  • and VIP support. 


Paynura offers a NETELLER affiliate program

Neteller is one of the most versatile ewallets, accepted for deposits to forex platforms, crypto, online casino, and poker rooms. If you are an influencer in any of these areas, promoting Neteller can create substantial revenue. 

For example, if you teach clients how to trade forex, they will all make deposits to forex platforms. It makes sense to have an affiliate link for the forex platform and the deposit method Neteller. Once your referrals deposit to forex with Neteller, you will be able to collect two commissions. First, for referring them to forex and a revenue share on their deposits. Neteller revenue share is lifetime, so if your traders opened a Neteller account through your affiliate link, you would be entitled to a revenue share for every deposit they make with their ewallet. 

To start promoting Neteller, open an affiliate accounttoday. By joining Paynura, you will have access to: 

With Paynura,you can manage all your promotions from one account, and all your commissions are paid out through Paynura to your Skrill, Neteller, Bitcoin, or Tether account. 


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