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Nov. 22, 2019

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How to make money with Skrill and Neteller as affiliate?

Our Master Affiliate, Thomas J., gives straightforward advice.​ Enter the ewallet business ASAP!

How to make money with Skrill and Neteller as affiliate?

Thomas, you have an impressive amount of experience in poker and casino. How did your career start, and what is your current focus?

My career started by falling in love with the game of poker. After some time, I heard the word Affiliate and began to study it and get more information about how to become an affiliate. I contacted a ton of poker rooms, and apart from a few they didn't even bother to answer.

Let me mention that this was just when poker boomed in the late '90s and poker rooms earned a fortune not giving out rakeback to players. Eventually, a poker room agreed to give me a deal and from there on my poker affiliate career just developed.

Later I also started to work as an affiliate manager for a poker room to gain even more experience and eventually moved to the casino to learn more about that too. So overall, I managed to gain a lot of knowledge about the gaming industry.

We have seen changes in online casino and poker rooms, especially with the evolution of online payments. Do you think that financial solutions impact the game and encourage risk-taking? 

I'll start by answering this question with a BIG YES. 

The easier it is for players to deposit money and on top have lightning fast withdrawals, the more they gamble.

Examples to mention are Skrill Tap and Pay or the latest Trustly's Pay N Play, where players don't even need to make signup at a casino. They can go directly to the website, deposit the money within 10 seconds, and play. On top, they can withdraw eventual winnings instantly too.

Those new high-tech solutions for sure encourage players to play more and play with bigger risks. It's so easy to deposit money that players lose track of time and what amount that has been deposited or lost so far.

Digital wallets or ewallets like Skrill and Neteller also created a new industry around poker and casino. Affiliate programs can generate a substantial revenue flow around specialized blogs, websites, poker rooms, etc. What would be your advice for those who would like to expand their business with ewallet marketing? 

My advice is very simple: GET STARTED ASAP. It's money to earn and not just pennies but good extra income on top of affiliate business from example poker, casino, and sport.

Many affiliates within the gaming industry didn't believe in the concept of earning money on ewallets in the beginning, but they all do it now as they discovered the potential.

You have started with affiliate programs early on. What are the most important features of an affiliate program? 

Key features for me is that an affiliate program is simple to use with a nice clean overview.

No one wants a ton of fancy functions that are never used and are only placed to look good. I want to see signups, revenue, and earnings, that's it.

Cryptocurrencies have changed the financial world and also penetrated the casino and poker world. Give us your view on cryptocurrencies and how will they shape the future of online gambling. 

I am personally not the biggest fan of Cryptocurrencies. The reason for this is mainly because many coins are super violent in terms of gaining/losing value. You can take Bitcoin (BTC) as an example. When I heard about BTC the very first time, it had a value of 150 USD, and today it's around 10.000 USD.

You can receive 1 BTC on a Friday with the value of 10K and the following morning it might only have a value of 9K, and you basically lost 1000 USD. This is the downside, and the same applies to almost all Cryptocurrencies.

To mention something positive about Cryptocurrencies is that it gave poker players access to many new markets. 

For example, Asian, South American, the US market. As it makes it simpler to handle the cashflow between those closed markets and around all regulations as Cryptocurrencies are more or less anonymous.

Are you inspired by our affiliate's story? 

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