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July 7, 2021

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How to earn revenue by promoting Skrill?

Skrill is rewarding affiliates and users for referring new customers, but did you know you can get full access to the Skrill affiliate program right away?

How to earn revenue by promoting Skrill?

Skrill is one of the most popular gaming and gambling ewallets in the world. With Skrill, you can send money to friends, spend online, deposit to gaming and gambling platforms, make deposits to forex brokers, and purchase cryptocurrencies. 

But you can also earn money with Skrill. 

Are you interested in earning money by promoting Skrill? Two options are possible. Here is what you can do. 

#1 Join the Skrill Refer a Friend Program

Skrill Refer a Friend program is a reward program for Skrill users who invite their friends to Skrill. Once their referrals open a Skrill account, Skrill rewards them with up to 10% fee payments. The revenue share program will stay in place only until September 6. 

“Customers enrolled into the existing referral programwill continue earning commission until September 6, 2021; after this date, Skrill will terminate the above referenced Refer a Friend Programme.”


The existing refer-a-friend links will not be active beyond September 2021. 

New Skrill Refer-a-Friend Program

From August 17, 2021, onwards, Skrill will change the reward policy from earning a 10% revenue share to 10 EUR per successful referral. 

To be eligible for the new Skrill refer-a-friend program, you should meet the following criteria: 

  • your Skrill status must be True Skriller (Skrill verified account) 
  • your referrals must verify accounts to True Skriller (make an eligible deposit, verify Skrill account, and download Skrill app) 

Only when your friends verify their new Skrill accounts will you be eligible to collect the 10 EUR reward for referring a new Skrill customer. The good news is that your referral will also receive a 10 EUR reward so that both sides are motivated to use the referral option.

#2 Join Skrill Affiliate Program for higher rewards 

Skrill also has another, even more, rewarding option to promote Skrill. As a Skrill affiliate, you can work with your unique Skrill affiliate link. 

Consider the Skrill Affiliate program as the advanced version of Skrill Refer a Friend. 

With the Skrill affiliate program, you also invite friends, family, or your online community to open a Skrill account. 

The Skrill affiliate option is popular with poker players, casinos, sportsbook fans, betting agents, betting tipsters, forex traders, and gamers. If you deposit with Skrill to gaming and gambling merchants, then having a Skrill affiliate account for referrals can provide a substantial income. 

From each referral, you will get a revenue share from every deposit they make to online merchants. 

Let’s say you are into online poker. When you send your Skrill affiliate link to your poker friends, they open a Skrill account and deposit to a poker room. You will be entitled to a 20% revenue share from the deposit fee (paid by the poker room to Skrill). As a Skrill affiliate, you will receive a lifetime revenue share from every deposit your referral makes. If you have completed ten successful referrals, then you have ten revenue share sources. 

How you can join the Skrill Affiliate Program?

Joining a Skrill affiliate program is relatively easy. All you need to do is open an affiliate account at Paynura and request for Skrill affiliate offer. Skrill will automatically generate a Skrill affiliate link, which you then share to your friends or on your website, youtube channel, forums, etc. 

As a Skrill affiliate, you can promote Skrill without limitations. However, the most successful strategy is to know your referrals and the environment where you encourage Skrill. 

For example, if you trade forex and have a Forex Youtube channel, it makes sense to post your Skrill affiliate link there and show your followers how to use Skrill for deposits to forex brokers. 

What are the benefits of working with Paynura?

Paynura partnered with Paysafe in 2012. Since then, Paynura runs the most reliable and supporting service for Skrill and NETELLER affiliates, offering: 

With Paynura, you will have access to both affiliate programs from one account. When promoting Skrill and NETELLER, you get access to: 

  • Skrill promotional materials
  • NETELLER promotional materials
  • Skrill VIP tool for VIP upgrades 
  • NETELLER VIP tool for VIP upgrades 
  • Performance dashboard
  • Reporting system, tracking all referrals, deposits, revenue share, and commission
  • Commission payment system

With Paynura,you can manage all brands from one account: Skrill, Neteller, bet365, Bwin, Betfair, partypoker, GUTS, ByBit, 1xBet, and many others. 

If you want to join the Paynura affiliate network, you can open a free accountanytime. 

Lifetime revenue share through Skrill Affiliate Program 

Promoting Skrill can be a lucrative business if you choose the right option. Skrill refer-a-friend program will bring you 10 EUR per referral, while joining a Skrill affiliate program has much more lucrative long-term rewards. 

Joining a Skrill affiliate program will give you access to Skrill affiliate link, which you can share with potential Skrill users and earn a lifetime revenue share. 

Many poker agents, casino review sites, betting agents, and forex traders are already promoting Skrill.

Seize the opportunity and enroll as a Skrill affiliate.Within a short period, you can set up solid income from your referrals. 

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