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Feb. 17, 2023

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Earn Affiliate Commission on Skrill Neteller Crypto Transactions

Double your affiliate commission by joining the Skrill NETELLER Crypto Cash Bonus promotion!

Earn Affiliate Commission on Skrill Neteller Crypto Transactions

Paynura affiliates can take advantage of this unique offer until the end of March 2023! You don’t have a Panura account yet? No problem, open a free account todayand manage all your affiliate promotions from one account. 

Skrill NETELLER Crypto Cash Bonus promotion allows affiliates to earn extra revenue share on their Skrill NETELLER referrals while providing them additional benefits! 

With this promotion, affiliates can earn:

  • revenue share on clients' crypto transaction fees, 
  • regular revenue share on their clients' deposit fees to merchants,
  • and fast track their referrals to VIP.  

Affiliates will earn two revenue shares per client, so they can boost affiliate commissions while this time-limited promotion stands.

Skrill Crypto Bonus

Promoting Skrill NETELLER crypto service is convenient with a Crypto Cash Bonus

Skrill and NETELLER are two leading digital wallets whose crypto services are becoming increasingly popular because they offer a convenient and secure way for people to manage their cryptocurrency assets. 

Skrill NETELLER allow users to store multiple cryptocurrencies in one wallet, making it easy to manage their crypto holdings and make transactions. With their low transaction fees, user-friendly platforms, and commitment to security, Skrill NETELLER provides an excellent cryptocurrency solution for their users. 

The Crypto Cash Bonus promotion is an excellent opportunity for affiliates, as it provides an extra incentive for their clients to choose Skrill and NETELLER for crypto investments.

With a cash bonus on crypto transaction fees, Skrilland NETELLERdigital wallets are even more attractive for anyone looking to invest in the crypto market!

The benefits for affiliates and their clients within the Crypto Cash Bonus promotion

With the Crypto Cash Bonus promotion, affiliates will earn a 10% revenue share on their clients' crypto fees and, at the same time, offer their clients a 25% cash bonus on all crypto buy and sell fees until March 31st, 2023. 

Affiliates will also earn a revenue share on regular client deposits to merchants during this promotion, which will double their commissions!

Offer your clients a Silver VIP account during the promo

The Skrill NETELLER Crypto Cash Bonus promotion also presents an opportunity for your clients to experience all the advantages of a Silver VIP account on much lower transactional conditions than usual:

Skrill accounts: the client should make eligible transactions of €5000 during this promotion to become a Skrill Silver VIP account user;

NETELLER accounts: the client should make eligible transactions of €6000 during this promotion to reach a NETELLER Silver VIP status;

Silver VIP statuses will be upgraded automatically when the user makes eligible transactions with the required amount. Usually, Skrill and NETELLER users need to transfer €15,000 to be upgraded to a Silver VIP, so this is a truly exceptional opportunity. 

How can affiliates join the Crypto Cash Bonus promotion?

To start promoting the Skrill NETELLER Crypto Cash Bonus, Paynura affiliates should send an email to our Head affiliate manager, Mark, at manager@paynura.com. You can always join for freeif you don't have an affiliate account with Paynura.

After opening a Paynura account, you will receive access to promotional banners and a unique landing page link to share with your referrals to sign up for the Crypto Cash Bonus promotion.

All new and existing clients who sign up for the Crypto Cash Bonus via the promotion landing page will be eligible for the 25% cash bonus on their crypto buy and sell transaction fees, while affiliates will earn 10% on clients' crypto transaction fees. 

By taking advantage of this time-limited promotion, affiliates can double their earning potential almost effortlessly. In addition to their regular revenue shares, they can earn two commissions per client, which can significantly boost their income.

Neteller Crypto Bonus

Join the Paynura affiliate network now to seize this limited-time offer

Paynuraaffiliate network offers many affiliate deals from the iGaming world, so our affiliates can combine multiple affiliate offers to create profitable campaigns. We cut our selection to only the most converting iGaming affiliate deals in the crypto, poker, casino, and sports betting industries.

It's crucial to stay ahead of the competition as an affiliate, especially in the fast-growing crypto world, where changes happen almost on a daily basis. That's why promotions like Skrill NETELLER Crypto Cash Bonus offer an excellent opportunity for affiliates to provide their clients with something unique and profitable when they most needed.

Registeras a Paynura affiliate and join the Skrill/NETELLER affiliate program today to take advantage of the Crypto Cash Bonus promotion!


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