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Top 3 iGaming affiliate strategies

iGaming affiliates are among the most resourceful and creative in affiliate marketing. Let's take a look at the most successful affiliate strategies.

Top 3 iGaming affiliate strategies

iGaming affiliates are among the most resourceful and creative in affiliate marketing. But, do who are iGaming affiliates? If you are enthusiastic about poker, casino, forex, gaming, and crypto, you are part of the iGaming industry.

Did you ever share tips with your friends about how:

  • to play poker and where,
  • to enjoy free spins in an online casino,
  • to fund new game developments,
  • to make money on forex, or,
  • to invest in cryptocurrencies?


What is iGaming affiliate marketing?

Whenever you share your insight and give advice to others, you are entering the ring as an influencer. If you are associated with a brand or feel passionate about promoting a particular brand, you share your affiliate link with your friends and network to claim rewards for bringing new clients to the brand.

You set up a website, add a few affiliate links, and start earning the passive income you've always dreamed of.

Neil Patel on affiliate marketing

Patel's description is not a dictionary definition of affiliate marketing, but it is down to the point. In a world of influencers, stand out as an affiliate marketer. It won't hurt your wallet either.

Let's say you are a poker fan with a lot of knowledge about poker strategy, hands-on experience with various poker rooms, and know-how to fund your poker account and withdraw funds, winnings, Rakeback to spend it on everyday shopping. Your poker friends ask you for advice on opening a bet365 poker account, and you are happy to give it. Your friends ask you about the best way to deposit money to a poker room, and again, you are so glad you can help. But, you could quickly turn advice-giving into money-making. Instead of sending them regular website links, you can send your unique affiliate link to the website. When your friends open an account or spend money, the brand rewards you with a commission.

Now you know that by sharing affiliate links, you are helping your friends and collecting cash rewards from the brands you promote.

Which brand is the most rewarding in iGaming?

This question has multiple correct answers. But if you could promote only one thing in iGaming, ewallets would be the most rewarding product to promote to poker players, forex traders, crypto investors, punters, and casino players alike.

All those target groups have one thing in common. They need a fast, reliable, discreet, and secure way to fund their gaming and trading accounts. Skrill and Neteller have been supporting iGaming since the inception of ewallets and are the most integrated payment option in gaming.

Skrilland Netellerclients can quickly move funds between gambling accounts and spend their winnings with Skrill Neteller MasterCard or simply withdraw at a local ATM.

Skrill Neteller affiliate program is revenue share based, meaning that Skrill or Neteller affiliate gets a revenue share from each deposit to a merchant lifelong. If you refer a client to Skrill in 2019, you will still receive a revenue share in 2023 and beyond. As long as your referrals use a Neteller account or Skrill account, you are automatically rewarded with a commission.

iGaming Content that Boost Conversions

Gaming, gambling, and crypto are attractive industries, so affiliates have to develop even more engaging ways to promote igaming brands and products. But the main trick is not making interesting content but creating conversions.

You can have a great website as a poker affiliate, but if your users don't open accounts or play in the poker rooms you recommend, your affiliate commission will be close to zero.

Suppose you want to make it as an iGaming affiliate (poker affiliate, casino affiliate, sportsbook affiliate, etc.). In that case, you have to produce content that solves players' and traders' problems or fuels their passion for gaming, gambling, and trading.

Here are the three most successful iGaming strategies for reaching new clients for poker, casino, betting on sports, forex trading, and gaming.

#1 Tutorials on Youtube

Content that directly answers problems is an instant success and will drive traffic to your channel, whether it's a website or a Youtube channel or you are just answering questions on Quora.

Fresh players are looking for instructions on navigating through endless poker rooms, deposit methods, rakeback deals, and poker tournaments. Many will enter the world of cryptocurrencies in 2022. They need, first and foremost, tutorials on registering at cryptocurrency exchange platforms like Binanceor ByBit.And how to buy Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other coins and move digital assets with ewallets.

Here are a few examples of easy-to-follow tutorials on crypto, poker, deposit methods like Skrill and Neteller on Youtube. Wikiwallet is a Skrill Neteller affiliate that promotes Neteller and Skrill, tailored for poker players, casinos, new crypto traders, and the sports betting community.


#2 Attractive Bonuses

Bonuses are a word that is hard to resist. Brands compete with rewards for new players and traders, and affiliates are given special treatment that helps them convert new clients. Thus, players, punters, and traders know they can get extras if they know where to ask - iGaming affiliates are the correct address for special promotions.

Here are some examples of bonus promotionsthat players can get only via affiliates.


#3 Private Channels

iGaming affiliates and influencers often create private communities to communicate with their followers. Sports betting, poker, and forex or crypto trading affiliates set up these private channels to share insightful information and heads-up on product developments. An inner circle opens the conversation and enables sharing of sensitive information that affiliates cannot post on their websites. However, a certain level of trust must be established between the affiliate and its followers, especially in matters with financial consequences like sports betting, forex trading, and crypto investments.

One of the most successful affiliates in cryptocurrencies is Sheldon Evans. He has a Youtube channelfor general public and a private channel for his subscribers. Here is one of his Youtube videos on crypto passive income. 


Which is the single best iGaming affiliate strategy?

Actually, none of the above!

The most successful affiliates always combine multiple strategies to create stable income flows from their revenue share or CPA deals. However, you need to have one or two reliable channels like a website or a Youtube channel to attract followers and present your offers. And secondly, offer an inner circle experience! This space is reserved for your trusted followers for exclusive benefits, and its rewarding for both sides. 

If you are interested in starting an affiliate journey, start with joining Paynurafor direct access to most lucrative affiliate offers from poker, ewallets, casino, sports betting and crypto. 


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