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Oct. 25, 2021

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Why is 1xBet among the top 3 sports betting brands to promote?

If you are passionate about sports betting, here are the most lucrative sportsbook brands to promote. You’ll be surprised at number 3!

Why is 1xBet among the top 3 sports betting brands to promote?

For the past decade betting on sports has become increasingly popular worldwide due to: 

  • development of sports betting apps
  • favorable regulations of the markets

As more and more countries are allowing sports betting online, placing a bet has attracted recreational punters and professionals alike. As the gambling market increases in value, being a sportsbook affiliate is more lucrative than ever. 

If you are an online content creator or an experienced gambler, you can earn money by promoting sports betting brands. 

Here are our picks of the most rewarding sportsbook affiliate programs at the moment. 

High demand for gambling advice 

When it comes to betting on sports, people are not looking for betting tips only. Most punters want to know: 

  • on which sports betting sites to bet
  • how to place an online bet
  • how to withdraw winnings 
  • which deposit method to use when placing bets
  • which events are a good betting opportunity

If you can provide all of the above, you are highly likely to succeed as a sportsbook affiliate. 

What do you have to do as a sportsbook affiliate? 

You need to sign up for an affiliate program or join an affiliate network as a sportsbook affiliate. It depends on your affiliate goals, but this is a crucial step in your affiliate journey. 

Here is a quick explanation of the difference between an affiliate program and an affiliate network. 

Essentially, brands have affiliate programs to boost their reach and attract new customers via affiliates, external brand promoters. An affiliate is paid a commission for making conversions - bringing new customers to the brand. 

As an affiliate, you can join an affiliate program, such as bet365 affiliates or 1xbet affiliates, or you can join a sportsbook affiliate network, which will give you access to multiple brands. Usually, an affiliate network can offer a higher revenue share deal as the official affiliate program. The reason is that affiliate networks work with hundreds of affiliates and can therefore broker a better overall deal with the brand. 

Brand’s Affiliate Program Sportsbook Affiliate Network
  • direct access to an affiliate offer
  • one account per brand
  • extensive verification - most brands approve only affiliates with websites 
  • default revenue share deal 
  • multiple sportsbook affiliate offers
  • one account to manage all brands
  • direct support 
  • higher revenue share deals


Top 3 sports betting brands to promote as an affiliate 

#1 bet365 rules the world

While bet365 is the most popular and recognizable sportsbook worldwide, affiliates are not too wild to promote bet365. In particular, minor affiliates feel the commission payouts are to the advantage of bigger fish - you must have a minimum of 5 active referrals to be eligible for a payout. In addition, payouts are only possible to a bank account or your bet365 account. 

#2 Betfair Exchange

Exciting! Betfair is the largest betting exchange globally, but they also offer poker, casino, and bingo. On Betfair, you can be the bettor and the bookie at the same time. 

Your commission payouts are extremely flexible if you join the Betfair Exchange affiliate program via an affiliate network (choose between Skrill, Neteller Tether, or Bitcoin account). 

#3 Join 1xBet for a rewarding affiliate ride

1xBet affiliate program is one of the most rewarding and reliable in terms of tracking and payments. Are you thinking of promoting 1xBet? 1xBet made a name for itself as the sportsbook with high odds, instant withdrawals, and an impressive live betting section. 

Most affiliate programs sign up only affiliates with websites or registered businesses. However, you can promote 1xBet even if you don’t have a website or a VAT business. 

Understandably, every affiliate works within his network and channels. It is entirely up to you how you promote 1xBet as long as you don’t provide misinformation. 

If you’re creative on Youtube, Twitter, Telegram, or run a successful forum or sports blog, you have fertile ground for converting new 1xBet accounts. 

Join 1xBet affiliate program by Paynura affiliate network 


Promote sportsbook brands on your terms!

If sports betting is your passion, then turn it into a solid business. As an affiliate marketer, you can help bettors make educated choices on where to place their bets, fund their gambling accounts, and point to exciting betting events and new platforms. 

At the same time, make the affiliate journey as smooth as possible. Find an affiliate network that will provide direct support, affiliate management tools and enable you to manage all your promotions from one account. 

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