Neteller Affiliate Program

NETELLER Affiliate Program is available for online content creators that would like to promote NETELLER and attract new ewallet users. By connecting to potential customers, you can create a revenue stream around NETELLER.

Receiving a commission through NETELLER Affiliate Program is quite simple. Once you refer your content users to NETELLER and they deposit their funds at a merchant – check a full list of leading merchants - you earn a lifetime revenue share.

For every transaction your users make to a merchant you earn 20% revenue share. Signing up takes only a few minutes and you are ready to start a promotional business that can change your life.

How Paynura compliments NETELLER Affiliate Program

Paynura is an affiliate program for digital wallets like NETELLER. Senior affiliates of Skrill/NETELLER developed it to provide optimal support to poker, gaming and Forex communities.

Compared to NETELLER Affiliate Program, Paynura offers experienced support and smart managing platform. A transparent and easy-to-use backend displays all the relevant data, so you can focus on expanding your network.

Paynura Affiliate Partnership Benefits

NETELLER Affiliate Program offers an excellent ground for your business. Yet, with Paynura you reach much higher:

Faster VIP upgrade

Get an instant VIP upgrade for your users, even if your current outgoing transactions are lower than usually required.

Increased outgoing limits

Let the sky be the limit. We are raising the limits for your engagement.

Fast track verification

Paynura will verify your account less than 24 hours. Our procedure is fast and transparent without webcams or deposits.

Free Mastercard

As a Paynura Affiliate you will get a free NETELLER Mastercard.

Commissions for all deposits

When your users deposit with their NETELLER account at a merchant, you are entitled to a commission. Our commission payments are always on time to your Skrill or NETELLER account with multiple currency options, including Bitcoin.

Subaffiliate program

With Paynura’s 3 Tier affiliate option you will not be earning only from users you bring, but also from their expanding network.

Affiliate Management System

Performance tracking is part of our smart back-end program tailored for affiliates in gaming, trading, and poker. All your data are in one place with marketing resources at hand.

Experienced support

Our experts are always here for you whether you need technical support or insight about gaming, poker, trading platforms, or digital wallets. We are here for you 24/7 on live chat, Skype, email or Telegram.

How do I become a Paynura affiliate?

You can become a Paynura affiliate by signing up here. Our team will process your request and set up an account for you.

Affiliate support

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